"Working globally with governments, organizations, and individuals, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management is dedicated to improving financial management, so governments may better serve their citizens, by providing opportunities for professional development and information exchange." We do this principally through our biannual conferences, forums and Journal.

Board Officers & Executive Director

Board of Directors | ByLaws

Officers (Executive Committee)

ICGFM officers must be members of the Board of Directors. Officers may be re-elected to the same position or a new one. Officers are nominated by the Nominating Committee based on input from the ICGFM members.


Jim Wright (Evans Incorporated) (through 2018)

Past President/Chair, Nominating Committee

Jack Maykoski  (Graduate School USA) (through 2018)


Vacant until 2018

Vice President: Partnerships and Alliances

Karina Temirbulatova (Ernst and Young) (through 2018)

Vice President: Programs

Dave Pearl (Evolver) (through 2019)

Vice President: Publications and Communications

Jason Wynnycky (Millennium Challenge Corp) (through 2018)

Hassan Ouda (German University, Cairo) (through 2018)

Vice President: Membership and Sponsorship

Jason Levergood (Grant Thornton) (through 2017)


Peter Aliferis (through 2017)


Phyllis Anderson (GAO) (through 2018)

Executive Director

Patricia Cornish

Project Consultant

Mari Robinette Deasel

Ad Hoc Committee on International Accounting Standards

Michael Parry (UK), Chair

Mark Silins (Australia)

Jesse Hughes (US)

Nino Tchelishvili (Georgia)

Hassan Ouda (Egypt)

Paul Waiswa (Uganda)

Anne Owuor (Kenya)

Andy Wynne (UK)



Ad Hoc Committee on International Auditing Standards

Charbet Duckett (US), Chair


Prince Lighe (Liberia)

Tommy Desmond (Sierra Leone)  
Alvin Brown (US)  

Ad Hoc Steering Committee on International Training

Lucie Phillips (US), Chair

Eileen Hoffman (US)

Alvin Brown (US)

Tory Holmes (US)
Beatriz Casals (US) Jason Levergood (US)
Ann Ebberts (US) Geoffrey Luiz (US)
Jim Ebbitt (US) Dave Pearl (US)
Gillian Fawcett (UK) Jim Wright (US)
Richard Hudson (US)