30th Annual International Training Conference  - Presentations



Opening Remarks
Spanish | French
Jack Maykoski, ICGFM President
Graduate School USA

PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT:  The Past is Prologue/The Future is Fearsome
Spanish | French
Jim Wesberry, International Chief-of-Party, Anti-Corruption Specialist and ICGFM Co-Founder & Past President


PFM and Sustainable Development Goals
Spanish | French
Craig Steffensen, Representative, North American Representative Office, Asian Development Bank


Strengthening Independent Oversight Organizations – Including Supreme Audit Institutions: Case of the Office of the Auditor General Of Zambia
Spanish | French
Louis Mwansa, Director Planning And Information, Office of the Auditor General, Zambia


Workshop - The Role of Sustainable Solutions in PFM in Driving Realization of the Sustainable Development Goals
Spanish | French

Richard Hudson, Director, Practice Management, Evans Incorporated

Jim Wright, Director, International Account, Evans Incorporated

Leila Afas, President & CEO, Edge Strategies, LLC


Promising Practices for Tax Initiatives That Address Sustainable Development Goals: A U.S. Case Study from the GAO Audit of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC)
Spanish | French

Daniel Garcia-Diaz, Director, GAO, Financial Markets and Community Investment Team
Nadine Raidbard, Senior Analyst, GAO, Financial Markets and Community Investment Team


How to Strengthen Tax Mobilization to Meet Citizens Needs - Panel

Trevor Davies, Global Head, International Development Assistance Services Institute, KPMG

Anthony Hegarty, Former Chief Financial Officer, World Bank

Steve Rozner, Senior Fiscal Advisor, Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and the Environment, US Agency for International Development

Miguel Angel Mendoza Benitez, Business Development Manager, Latin America, Thomson Reuters

Jo Marie Griesgraber, Executive Director of the New Rules for Global Finance Coalition
Ann Hudock, Senior Vice President International Programs, Plan International


The Public Attorney’s Office (PAO): Financial Management Framework Towards An Empowered Free Legal Aid Agency and Efficient Administration of Justice
Spanish | French
Dr. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta, Chief Public Attorney, Public Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice


Best Practices in Sub-National States
Spanish | French
Ángel Mario Elettore, Former Minister of Finance of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina


Panel of the Best Practices:  SAI Performance Measurement Framework as an Instrument to Strengthening Independent Oversight Organizations, Including Supreme Audit Institutions
Spanish | French

International Consultants certified by INTOSAI for the application of the SAI Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF)

Víctor Garcia, VHG Consulting, LLC

Leonel Diaz, Leonel Diaze Consulting
Claudia Carrillo, BCB Capacity Builders


The Role of the SAIs in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Spanish | French
Ignacio Grinberg, Honorable Tribunal de Cuentas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Creating a Favorable Internal Control Environment
Spanish | French

Lukas Pecena, Czech Republic, Ministry of Finance

Katleen Seeuws, Belgium, Ministry of Finance


Data Visualization for Financial Transparency and Accountability
Spanish | French
Vanessa Goas, Deputy Director of Operations, Development Gateway


Exploring Pragmatic Approaches to Performance Budgeting to Advance Performance Information Use And Fiscal Transparency: The Cases of the Netherlands and Poland
Spanish | French

Dr. Maarten de Jong, Netherlands Ministry of Finance and Erasmus University Rotterdam/Faculty of Public Administration

Dr. Marta Postula, Professor, Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and University of Warsaw/Faculty of Management


ICGFM AD HOC Committee Panel - Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards, PFM Innovation Lab

                                                          Acctg Stds - Spanish | French; Audit Stds - Spanish | French; PFM Innovation - Spanish | French

Charbet Duckett, Chair, ICGFM Ad Hoc Committee on International Auditing Standards

Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo, Facilitator, ICGFM PFM Innovation Lab


Workshop - Using Decision Analytics to Drive Operational Excellence and Workforce Optimization
Spanish | French

Shiva Verma, Principal, Global Public Sector, Grant Thornton

Bob Misch, Managing Director, Global Public Sector, Grant Thornton


How the Use of a Diagnostic Tool Helped Enhance PFM Reform : A Country Case Study on the Use of  PEFA Tool for PFM Reform in Nepal

Spanish | French
Babu Ram Subedi, Under Secretary (Finance), Government of Nepal (Member Secretary of the Second PEFA Assessment 2015 Working Committee)


Audit Activism as a Catalyst for PFM Reforms and Good Governance
Spanish | French
Srinivas Gurazada, World Bank, Senior Financial Management Specialist


Closing Remarks
Spanish | French
Jack Maykoski, ICGFM President
Graduate School USA


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