28th Annual International Training Conference  - Presentations


Opening Remarks
Manuel Pietra, ICGFM President
President and CEO, FreeBalance

Contemporary Themes of Public Financial Management
Spanish | French
Richard Allen, Consultant
International Monetary Fund


Future State 2030: Preparing Governments to Meet the Challenges of Coming Global Megatrends

Trevor Davies, Global Head

Center of Excellence, International Development
Assistance Services (IDAS), KPMG International


Update on the PEFA Revision Process

Spanish | French

Phil Sinnett, Head of the PEFA Secretariat


A Competency Model for Strengthening Capacity in Public Financial Management

Spanish | French

Gordon Ferrier, Assistant Director (International), CIPFA


Strengthening Internal Audit in the Hungarian Public Sector

Spanish | French

Ms. Edit Németh, Head of Central Harmonisation Unit at Ministry for
National Economy, Hungary
Dr. Balázs Dencső, Head of the Directorate General for Audit of European
Funds, Hungary


The Role of the Accountancy Profession in Economic Development

Spanish | French

Tony Hegarty, Former Chief Financial Management Officer and Head of
the Financial Management Sector Board of the World Bank

Importance of Professionalizing the Accountancy Profession

Spanish | French

Vickson Ncube, Chief Executive Officer – Pan-African Federation of
Accountants, South Africa


US Credits: Strengths and Challenges

Spanish | French

Jane Ridley, Senior Director & Analytical Manager, US Public Finance/State
& Local Government, Standard & Poor’s


Municipal Bankruptcy in America - Lessons Learned

Spanish | French

Eric S. Berman, Partner, Eide Bailly, LLP


The Open Contracting Initiative

Spanish | French

Marcela Rozo, Procurement and Open Contracting Team Leader, The World Bank


Effects of Data and Technology on Accountability

Spanish | French

Dustin Homer, Business Development Manager, Development Gateway, Inc.


Procurement Innovations

Spanish | French

Héctor Martin Cerrato, Director, Office of Contracting Policy and Procurement, Honduras


Guyana’s compliance with the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Spanish | French

Swatantra Anand Goolsarran, President, Transparency Institute Guyana, Inc.


ICGFM Membership

Spanish | French

Jim Wright, VP of Membership, ICGFM


Providing Direct Development Funding to Host Country Institutions: The USAID Public Financial Management Risk Assessment Framework

Spanish | French

David Colvin, President and CEO, IBI International


Change Management Training

Spanish | French

Richard Hudson, International Practice Director, Evans Incorporated
Jim Wright, Program Manager, Evans Incorporated
Doug Hadden, Vice President, Products, FreeBalance


Modernizing Debt Sustainability Analysis Framework for Better Policy Assessments

Spanish | French

Fatos Koc, Head of Department, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Turkey


Closing Remarks
Manuel Pietra, ICGFM President
President and CEO, FreeBalance