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"Working globally with governments, organizations, and individuals, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management is dedicated to improving financial management, so governments may better serve their citizens, by providing opportunities for professional development and information exchange." We do this principally through our biannual conferences, forums and Journal.

2013 Winter Conference  - Presentations

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The Role of Governance in Development
Spanish | French
Matt Andrews, Center for International Development
Harvard, John F. Kennedy School

Fiscal Councils

Spanish | French

Xavier Debrun
The International Monetary Fund
Fiscal Affairs Division


Getting the most from Public Investment -
Good practices in Public Investment Management

Spanish | French

Public Investment Management (PIM) For “Investing to Capably Invest”

Spanish | French

Jay-Hyung Kim, The World Bank


Revisions to the PEFA Framework, An Update
Spanish | French
Nicola Smithers, PEFA Steering Committee

Helena Ramos, PEFA Secretariat


Beneficiary Feedback—Key to Accountability in International Development
Spanish | French
Daniel P. Altman, USAID
Saad Rashid, Transparency International Pakistan


The ICGFM Survey Results
Spanish | French
Jason Levergood, ICGFM Vice-President
Julia Rollison, Grant Thornton


Impact of Climate Change on PFM
Spanish | French
Mr. Adrian Fozzard, The World Bank


ICGFM Membership
Jim Wright, ICGFM Vice-President for Membership


Transparency: Fostering Development with Social Accountability and Results

Spanish | French

Doris de Miranda Coutinho, Court of the State of Tocantins – Brazil